website design dubai standards is different than other standards

Website design Dubai standards means the newest standards in the world! so... Let us build the lasting impression through the web.

Get the best website design in Dubai, Get the "WOW" factor.

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website design dubai

Website Design

Website design Dubai standards means the newest standards in the world! so...

Let us build a lasting impression through the web. Get the "wow" factor!


What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional. Our team of web designers adds a bit of you in your website so that it reflects your persona, your brand, and your values. We use design to communicate messages and evoke emotions while our developers execute it to perfection.


Our web designers and developers:

  • Begin with a goal
  • Engage with clients
  • Write powerful code
  • Incorporate crazy into their work
  • Leverage design theories
  • Dedicate themselves to their work
  • Envision bigger ideas
  • Raise the bar

Websites aren't just for desktops anymore. They have to fit a gamut of screen sizes, from the smartphone to an SMD screen. Wouldn't it be great if your customers didn't have to scroll a whole lot or rotate their phones to view your full site? Two words - Responsive design.


We can help you create websites that aren't just eye candy on desktop screens, but carry their visual appeal to any gadget they are viewed on. These are some of the things we take care of:


Smart Code:

Lines of code weigh down your website. At Globus, we simplify your code adding more value to each line to increase efficiency and functionality.


Expressive Graphics:

We study your brand and define design elements that represent you. From color themes to font styles to button formats, your website is customized to suit your needs.


Goal-Oriented Design:

Whether you have an e-commerce website or a web platform for information, we create an objective-centered design that helps the user follow the website funnel step by step.


Visual Hierarchy:

We highlight important calls to action and information on your website that helps your customer make quick decisions.


Apps and Widgets:

Third party apps and widgets can enrich a customer's experience on your site. We help install such features to add value to the customer's journey.


Multi-platform Compatibility:

Owing to the explosion in platforms and devices, we ensure that your website is compatible on a multitude of platforms, using the right tools and updated techniques.

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