Web Video Production

Why make a video when words do just fine?


Why make a video when words do just fine? The answer lies in the question itself because words do “just fine” and at Globus we don’t do "just fine."


We believe in "perfectly fine."


Videos have become integral of any website. They make words appear stronger, sharper and visible. A poster on the wall does not catch as much attention as a graphic representation of the same does.


That’s why we recommend Web Video Production for every website right on their main page to grab the attention of their first-time visitors.


Videos convey huge amounts of information in fractions of seconds without getting your viewers distracted or bored. Purpose served.


Our videos don't make your viewers YAWN


Have you ever read huge lengths of instructions in words?


One word - BORING


Web viewers have become comfortable with visuals. Words push them away while visuals attract them. As a web owner, you never want to push your visitors away; you want to glue them on your site.


It's interesting to know that videos actually grab more attention among even those who would have left if it were written in black and white.


Words say "Hello"

Videos say "BAAM"

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