Mobile Site

You know it's essential...

The world is fast changing. This is the new age era and if you don't change yourself to the changing world, you will cease to exist.


Almost half the traffic on websites comes from Tablets, smartphones, ePads, iPads and many more of handy gadgets. It has become a vital element of any website to have a mobile site that serves its mobile users like they want to be served.


Don't scare away your mobile users... They are millions of them...


The last thing you want is scaring your visitor away. Here is a little cue on what your site looks like on a mobile device.


We provide best mobile view experience...


Globus professional experience over the years in the field has taught us a great deal about complexity, dynamics, user experience and flexibility associated with a website.


We provide mobile sites compatible with any handy gadget whether it's a smartphone or a tablet or a small screen cell phone.


We have adopted smart technologies which makes your site adaptable to the environment it is viewed up so the images will resize, the text will wrap and the load will disperse depending upon the environment it is viewed upon.

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