Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is an integrated set of enterprise's computer application through the use of software and architectural principles of a computer system.


EAI involves a collection of technologies and services creating a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise. It links all the applications of the organization to perform the simplified task within seconds that would otherwise have taken an inconvenient amount of time, thus becoming a time efficient application.


This creates a unique bridge to solve the following problems:

  • Loss of time incurred during the transfer of large process related data from stage to stage.
  • Huge efforts required during data mining, aggregation, and validation.
  • Overload on IT teams during changes, system maintenance, access rights management, data formulation, data extraction and reporting.

Europe Webs thus provides an extensive range of integrated services to enable customers with a cost-friendly and time efficient processing of all organizational tasks. It accelerates business processes, eliminates inefficient routine operations and verifies data validity. It also keeps a track on the consistency of data in warehouses, applications, and geographical locations.


Our EAI is vast, wide ranged and caters to the different needs of customers. We look into your needs and infrastructure to choose the best integration technique for your enterprise.


We have pre-project services for you to ensure crystal clear integration vision, transparent budget, and deliverables, optimal technology choice, and security concepts.


We provide:


  • Technology consulting
  • Security consulting
  • Information infrastructure audit & testing
  • Project analysis and planning
  • Integration architecture design
  • Process & data modeling


You can choose to take the benefits of our professional team at the base level of integration project or as a vendor-independent service, We are here for all your enterprise solutions.

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