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Custom Software Development

Custome Software Development is also as bespoke software or tailor made software. The name pretty much sums it all up; It is a software that is developed at demands of a client. These softwares are aimed at specific task work of an organization, company or market.


The need of Custom Software Development is ideally essential as new improved markets are being born every day having unique functionality.


Large companies use custom software for fragile, critical and complex functions such as content management, inventory management, customer management and human resource management. It helps them manage their company exactly the way they desire it to.


At Globus, we design software step by step along its processing. This helps us overcome all obstacles, errors, deficiencies and malfunctioning at their stage level.


So here is a quick look at what we do at Globus:


We talk:

You tell us about your company, what kind of works you do, the processes it requires, current deficiency in your system and also what you wish to see in a software that will truly be your perfect software.


Having talked about your past and current company plans, we also take into account future expansions, plans and growth so as to make software that is fully functional even in future.


We plan:

After having a detailed conversation about your software solutions, we then plan the software. This planning involves you as well. We give you a rough mockup of your software. This helps us ascertain our working state, improvements if any and tweaks as required by our clients.


We execute:

With our basic plan in hands, we implement all the options, functions and programs into the software the way it was shown to the clients. The software goes through many stages where it is designed, developed and programed. Our professional skill in this regard is unbeatable and we are proud of our team.


We check:

We do not say our software is complete until we have checked it repeatedly over different systems, time and traffic. This lets us know how capable and compatible our developed software is under every given condition. Besides, we just want to give the best to our clients.


Our technology, development process and strategy.


Our Custom Software Development promises you transparency, reliability and time to market. Since we split the whole project into several iterations, it helps us make software ahead in time.


We have comprehensive set of open source and propriety technologies so our execution becomes easy even for most complex and challenging tasks.


To provide our clients with cost friendly and effective software, the task is divided into professional teams that creates a balance, saves time and gives best results. Our developers, software architects, analysts, coordinators and project managers take advantage of the Globus knowledge management system and continuous process improvements.


We manage the project using the best technologies at the hands of best professionals from around the world. The use of innovative, creative and advance methodologies in this area of development creates software that benefits our clients to great extents.

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