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EMR is an electronic medical record or a health record that has become every health care industry's must have software. It is fast catching software already adopted by many industries. It is created of programs that bring systematically collect all the health related data of individuals or a group of same.


This software helps in systematic, clear and well-arranged medical information of a patient put together for easy and quick access.


Gone are the days when you had to wait in queue while an old lady wrote receipts or dug out your patient profile from a pile of papers. This software practically saves your time. You just search for the name and the medical record will appear within seconds.


Besides, no one likes to stand in long queues, especially when they are ill and desperate.

Our Globus EMR software is created to handle even the most complex healthcare system. It not only helps an individual healthcare organization to quickly have access to patient's medical records and history but it also helps in efficiently transferring the records to other healthcare organization, thus looking into the best care of people most diligently and accurately.


Increasing medical urgency, new health insurance policies, complex healthcare systems, installments on long term medical procedures and daily medical records are part of every healthcare organization. It becomes vital for every healthcare industry to obtain EMR systems to make their working efficient at low operating costs.


Our EMR software is customizable to your needs.

When a client walks to us and asks for a specific need required in their EMR system, we customize the software as per their needs to deliver the best results for their healthcare systems.


Isn't it the point of software to be flexible and customizable so as to provide maximum benefit?

Although our EMR software is inbuilt to provide expert medical system to every healthcare organization from small to large, Our professionals are always ready to customize your software with interface changes, special templates, quick-clicks, pop ups etc.


The best part of our EMR is its easy functioning. No hassles and no rocket science. You won't need a tutorial to understand how to make this work. Our EMR is user-friendly and can be understood easily by your employees handling it and patients as well who may have access to it.


If you have any questions about the Globus EMR, need a quick sneak-peek or would like to have an EMR system for your organization, please contact us here.

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