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We hail from the land of Aladdin. Aladdin found a genie in a lamp, and we have found solutions in technology.


Digital technology builds the back bone of Globus - IT services, software applications, mobile apps and web portals. We're committed to creating a better society through the influence of the Internet and we've spent the last four years helping businesses shape a better, more connected world.


We'll be glad to do it again… and again and again. If we believe in your business, we will help you on the road to success with powerful SEO strategies, social media marketing and video promotions.


Globus is proudly supported by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund.


The Company We Keep

At Globus, we work hard to keep our work environment energetic and informed. All our employees are graduates with a minimum of three years of commercial experience, certified SEO expert, and are qualified as or working towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.


We're a family that hones with years of working and learning together. You'll regularly find us sharing ideas over cups of morning tea or a fresh supply of doughnuts!


Why Us?

We're glad you asked!


Since our vision is to develop UAE as the business and technology hub of the world, we take on projects that may seem dubious, risky or even impossible to others. Only dead fish go with the flow.


Have You Heard Of Us?

Now you have! We'd love to build a lasting relationship with you.

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